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Len Cegielka

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Biology / Biotechnology
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Food science / Technology
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Medicine / Veterinary


Animal Cell Biotechnology, vol. 3
Beef Cattle Production
Biocatalytic Membrane Reactors
Biology of Farmed Fish
Coevolution of Fungi with Plants and Animals
Electrophoretic Studies on Agricultural Pests
Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Science
Encyclopedia of Dairy Science [sample articles for style]
Herbicides and Their Mechanisms of Action
In Vitro Methods for Parasite Cultivation
Introduction to Fish Science and Technology
Molecular Genetics Approaches in Conservation
Oxford Surveys of Evolutionary Biology
Predtors and Parasitoids
Physiological Control Systems
Plant Reproduction
Principles and Practice of Bioanalysis, Systematics Association Special Volume No. 41
The Genus Magnolia
Thermophiles: The keys to molecular evolution and the origin of life?

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